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I don't really get into the "what if" scenarios, but I'll play.

I don't buy all the poo-poo-ing of this scenario. We all saw firearms being confiscated in New Orleans because of a "state of emergency" or some other phrasing of de-facto martial law. Hillary Clinton (and most of the far-left Democratic party, for that matter) does not like us. Look what's going on with Delay and Frist ... you think the Democrats can't take this country? If Hillary takes the White House and the Dems take Congress, you don't think they would confiscate our firearms? Have you forgotten the AWB? Don't kid yourself.

As for the scenario: I honestly can't say what I'd do. I literally hate the very idea that I'd find myself in a position to be forced to break the law. If firearms confiscation was the law, though, I may have to go there. As they say ... if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. I don't like thinking that I may have to be an outlaw.

Thankfully, I live in the smallest county in KY, on several hundred acres laced with caves and mostly wooded. The guns could easily be hidden. If confiscation was left up to the local LEOs, that could also give me options. As I guess is the case in most small, rural areas, my local Sheriff is under-manned and under-funded. I think he hunts. I'd be surprised - shocked, actually - if he took time away from the local meth cookers and car wrecks to try and take the locals' guns away. He has his priorities in order, I bet.

Of course, if the Nat'l Guard and/or military were involved (the movement toward involving the military in domestic "emergencies" completely freaks me out), that might be another story. But I watch the "news". People can hide in caves in the mountains for a long, long time...
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