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Danger at the Range

I wanted to hold this one in as I remeber what its like to be a youg kid. They get excited and loose focus. BUT!
I felt like I was having to watch my back today more than my down range. A man brought in his two sons and one of thier friends to the range. Dad had his own rifle and he rented a .22lr semi for the kids to shoot. I was going to keep my awareness on a little higher when I saw them come in but as I watched them it got even higher, especially when I heard the dad tell his son he had jammed 4 rounds in the pipe. I backed off and out of my lane when i heard this. I dont know if it was lack of instruction or supervision but it could have been dangerous for someone. I called out to the range master to lend a hand as well as make sure they understood the need for safety.

I think its great to be taking your young boys out to learn, but please teach them well before you get on a crowded range.
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