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Ozzie, your absolutely correct on the good an bad of training. The old Army saying, which isn't always followed, is "Train as you fight". I will say the Army is getting much better about this these days. Used to be you would go to the range once or twice a year and fire 40 rounds for qualification and that was it. Obviously the QRF type forces, SF, Rangers etc would (and still do) shoot more, but now everybody deploying is getting some sort of training and range time with point shooting, live fire from a vehicle, and the like. You practice shooting from likely situations and specifically, like you mentioned, reloading from your ammo pouch where youre really gonna keep em.

Somebody around here had a comment or sig line that I thought was pretty insightful. Don't remember it exactly but more or less "When a situation occurs you will not rise to the equation, you will default to your level of training."
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