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Training will get you killed

You say "training method to military and police agencies as well as shooting clubs"
They are not the same and if you think they are is shows how little you know about training and guns and the different conditions that each are under.

For me it’s not speed, its sight picture, training and more training.
A friend of mine that just returned from desert land told me a story that said to me that training can save your life but also training can kill you.
He would go to the range a lot to keep his skills up over there and he often shot with other Army personal. There was one group of gate guards or MP’s that would be there a lot and shoot and train a lot, they were a group by them selves and prided them selves on training and keeping alert.
He watched them train again and again and the way they trained was to stand facing targets that popped up and pull there gun and shoot the targets as they popped up. No problem here, but they had there spare magazines setting on a small platform several feet in front and at about knee level. So each time they reloaded they had to reach down and pickup a mag and reload and continue, as fast as they could.
One of the guards that he personally knew was standing guard some week later when a terrorist drove up and hoped out with an AK 47 and started blasting away. A fire fight started with lots of people shooting and several dieing before some one ended it/
Several witnesses said they watched this poor guard empty his gun at the terrorist and spent the next couple of seconds reaching for the magazine on the bench in front of him instead of the mag pouch on his hip. He died trying to find the the bench that wasnt there.
This poor man is no longer with us I am sorry to say, another Army solder walked around the gate and kill the terrorist so I am happy to say he is dead to.
I think that what this says is that you have to have training that copies the conditions you spend most of your time in. Doing fast reactions times in a firing range with mags setting in front of you on a table does nothing to help you in a real time situation. And neather is being able to put a bullet in a center of a target with your friends standing aound patting your back telling you how good a shot you are.
When your life is in danger you don’t have time to think you only have time to react, and in most cases you will react the way you train.
And your training may get you killed if it’s wrong.
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