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I guess you could do mental imagery.... shooting to me is a combination of mind and body (fine motor skills). mental imagery could probaly help with sight alignment and sight picture.... I dont think there is any substitute for dry firing nor actual time spent on the range to develop muscle memory. The purpose would be so that in a situation of self defense is that the practice would give you a memory of the proper procedure even though your conscious mind is probaly in a what the heck mode, so that on the subconsious level your muscle memory and reflexes take over....and counteract the degradation of fine motor skills.

The majority of my training occured in the military.... where you were drilled over and over till you pretty much functioned without having to think about it. On a military popup range you dont have time to think about, look over top of rifle and scan for target, aquire target, utilize proper sight alignment and sight picture, squeeze trigger, fire and start all over again. It was all done without any conscious thought.
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