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Time for an Off Topic section on TFL?


(And the rest of you ladies and gentlemen)

I've noticed that the teotwawki, shtf, zombie, ........ and such scenario postings are causing some, well, issues around here. Since they usually end up wherever the poster feels like they tend to draw flak due to the threads not being a serious post.

I'll be the first to admit I am very guilty of the above.

However, when I've got nothing better to do, I do enjoy reading these ridiculous posts.

Should we, or should we not have a dedicated "play room" for those of us who refuse to grow up and wish to keep debating doomsday nonsense, flights of fantasy and such?

You know, kind of like the kid's table at Thanksgiving dinner. Out of sight and not running around annoying people in the main forums.

And while I'm at it, maybe a graveyard for closed threads??

Kilroy, hopes someday he'll graduate to the grownups table, was here

(If you do need a father figure for a misbegotten forum like I suggested, I'd be willing to help)
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