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Buyer Beware...Wild Bill's Concealment Leather

I hate to post this, but I would like to warn other consumers and help them avoid my pitfall.

I ordered a holster and belt combo from Wild Bill's back in May. I searched feedback and found mostly positive remarks, although many commented on the long wait time. His web site states a minimum of 8 weeks, so I did not expect my stuff in a hurry. I understand small shops and custom orders.

However, my card was charged for the full amount right away. I took no action with the card company at the time because I assumed that my leather was being shipped.

Anyway, when nothing came I began to try to contact Wild Bill. Like many small shops, e-mail is not a priority and it took me several tries to get a response. I was told to expect my order to be finished and shipped in July.

July came and went. Repeated e-mails were not returned. Finally a telephone message and e-mail was returned on August 8. Bill informed me of some leather industry problems that were causing delays, but that things were being sorted out and that my order was on the bench and would be shipped shortly.

August came and went. Repeated messages were not returned. Finally, a reply came on September 13. Bill repeated the leather industry supply problem, but said that the problem was solved and that I should expect my gear to ship in a week to ten days.

September has now come and gone. My e-mail and voice messages are not being returned. It has now been a month since Bill stated my gear should ship.

My beef is not with the wait time. I understood that I would have to wait, possibly a long time to get my holster. I have a problem with paying up front and in full and being told at least three times over the last four months that my order was close to completion and would be shipped shortly.

Now I am stuck. If I cancel I lose 25% restock fee. I have now requested he provide me with a firm ship date or cancel my order with no penalty. However, I have not gotten a response from 5 e-mails and one phone message over the last month.

BTW: This was not some super custom order. It was just an IWB for a Glock 33 and a belt.

Can anybody help?

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