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We had just moved here from Seattle, a few days before Christmas, didn't have the money for a stay in the motel so we started apartment hunting right away. We were quite suprized to find almost all the apartments in the area were way out of our cost range, so we ended up moving to the "darkside" of town, im talking neighborhoods with razor wire and iron screen doors.

One night we wake up to someone messing with the doorhandle to the apartment, I reach over grab the shotgun, sneak up and look through the peephole in the door and see 2 guys trying to pick or unlock the door. I, in my best command voice..came out sounding something like Betty Boop...asked them what they wanted? They stepped back and started cussing asking -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- did I want and kept trying to enter.

I did the ol'rack of the 12g pump right by the door, they did the ol keep picking the lock till we get it open...I went back to the kitchen area, a breakfast bar seperated the kitchen from the front room and called 911...told the operator of the situation and told her that I had informed them I was armed but they kept trying to enter. I stated, knowing that the 911 call waqs being taped, that if my front door comes open Im going to blast them out the door, because as far as I knew anyone who keeps trying to enter knowing the occupant is armed, is more than likely armed themselves? Right?

After a few minutes, sirens start blaring from all directions these guys leave and start walking down the sidewalk. The cops pull up and to my suprise, these guys start fighting with the cops! Finally they are restrained and taken away. The cop comes up to my door, all dissheveled, dirty and asks what happened, I told him they were just trying to mess with the lock...he asks if the kicked the door shouldered it, or anything else...guess he was trying to pile up charges as a payback for the

But your right, the racking of a shotgun doesnt work everytime, certainly didnt in this case!

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