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Grant Money!


I knew I kept notes for a reason.

Semi-Autos: Teaching new shotgunners , often with a 1100 20 ga or Beretta A303 also in 20 ga- back in the day. First time the student hits the bolt release Whoa!many times followed by a expletive.

My SX1 being machined has a "distinct" closing. You get to a point if you shoot enough, or spend enough time on a range to be able to tell what semi-auto is shooting without looking, by the sound of bolt release.

I knew this being a Range Rat would pay off some day.

Lets see, following the Gimmee Greedy Gov't Guidlines:
Grants for:

-Closing Sounds Differentations b/t Pump,Semi, O/U, SxS ( spl catagory for
hammers on SXS) and Single Shots.
-Might as well do a sub study on Gauges...oh, oh, we cannot forget the 32 and 24 ga [ more money]
-Barometric Pressures and affect on Sound [ Sounds right smart don't it?]
-Synthetic vs Wood for sound suppression based on stock densities.
-Single Shots - Special study on their sounds A) open/ close , B)Hammer being pulled back, C) Ejectors ejecting.
-K80s getting a scratch
-Battery Operated Drills running cleaning rods with Scotchbrite to clean bores.
-Favorite expletives when nylon hammer misses tubes and thumbs hit.
-Identifying slugs from various guns based on Report
-Favorite expletives for 1) getting pinched on closing break open guns, 2)slicing finger on inside of 1100, 3)thumbs/ fingers caught in bolt closing. [NOT the same as Garand Thumb - that can be another grant...see how this works?] 4) Loading mag tubes.


I have surmised this is going to take a LOT of time, and therefore requires a Really Big Grant. Gonna needs LOTs of Guns, Ammo, Range Time, and "variables" - how many many members on TFL now? [variables = members X ....whew doggie! Nawlins ain't got nothing on me.
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