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I gather from the general theme of this thread that a single or double barrelled shotgun is out of the running, as probably is an automatic.

It may have been covered in other threads no doubt, but I sometimes wonder if there is really any intimidation threat at all for some people who are having a gun aimed at them, other than a shotgun, perhaps. I am talking about a homeowner armed with a handgun confronting, well, anyone. Assuming the other person is a person with a little street experience, it might be that he is not at all intimidated by the sight of a gun pointed at him and he just might decide to take his chances with a homeowner who has had absolutely no such experiences behind him. Naturally a lot of other things enter into the situation and anyway, such situations are relatively uncommon. But in a confrontation between two people of different experiences, one being a little harder and rougher than the other and more than likely has been in more than a couple of fights, the whole point of the homeowner having a gun is to even up the match and tilt it a little in his way, if that is possible. The question is, does it?
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