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Gary Conner
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Problem on reassembling model 190 trigger and bolt

I just finished rebuilding a model 190 Winchester after Mr. Nolan sent me the take down instructions.
I, like a lot of others, had a bunch of trouble in re-inserting the bolt and the trigger housing properly, as the cartridge would not enter the chamber, and after about ten or twelve tries, if finally dawned on me that the problem was the long bolt that mounts the stock after inserting the bolt spring into the channel, was pushing the metal clip that rests under the bolt, out to where the extractor would not work, as the bolt could not come back far enough.

If anyone is taking that model apart, it is a pain to try to get back together unless you figure it out, and you can only figure it out by looking straight down at the mounting bolt, and noticing the gap between the clip and the back of the housing.
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