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One other thing is the cost of practice. One nice thing about archery: once you have the equipment and a decent set of arrows, practice is cheap. Eventually the arrows wear out, but it is still a whole lot cheaper than ammo.
Right about that!
Just shot my bow last night. Nice thing is that it's super quiet and the neighbors aren't bothered. I can also shoot on my property, but in respect to the new neighbors, i keep it minimal. Like a mall ninja in the woods with my bow!

You might try to pick up a good quality air pistol.

Although the repeating types are either cheap CO2 or high quality gas released target guns, you can work or rapid trigger release with a single shot as mentioned in my exercies above.

A good quality air pistol can be shot at home, or in the basement, low sound, cheap ammo, and exact same practice on trigger control. You would see leaps and bounds of improvement with one. Just not as fun because of the lack of recoil and noise!

But believe me, high end internations style air pistol competition is one of the hardest there is! 60 shots. fired in strings of 10 shots in TWENTY minutes. Draining concentrations. 10 meters or 33 feet, but the 10 ring is the size of a pencil eraser! 9 ring the size of a nickel. Probably alot like your NFAA competition!
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