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"...but I shoot traditional archery as well.
Stickbow, recurve, instinctive, gap shooting."

I was on the other end of the archery spectrum. NFAA freestyle class -- compound bow, long stabilizer, V-Bar counterweights, rear peep, kisser button, micrometer telescopic front sight with level bubble, trigger release, etc. Slow fire, ultra-precise. I also shot NFAA Bowhunter Freestyle class -- more restrictions, but still pretty precise. Probably very similar to slow-fire bullseye, at least when we were indoors. That or match rifle. It seemed to me that the whole sport just faded away back in the late 80's, nowdays it seems like nobody is doing it anymore.

And now I'm switching over to handguns after a pretty long break where I just wasn't shooting at all. For me it meant that I had to learn DA trigger pull from scratch (freestyle trigger release control is similar to SA trigger control), but the basics of marksmanship were already there. So the learning curve for me was really easy, the groups tightened up really quick-like. Now, I've still got to continue working on dealing with the shorter sight radius and increasing my rate of fire. Recoil never was an issue for me.

One other thing is the cost of practice. One nice thing about archery: once you have the equipment and a decent set of arrows, practice is cheap. Eventually the arrows wear out, but it is still a whole lot cheaper than ammo.
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