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"edit: Oh, wait a minute. 25 yards, three inch target?! That I couldn't do."

One handed, no less.

Oh, BTW -- if you are shooting at that level of competition, the size of the target really doesn't matter. You are either on target in the spot, or you aren't. I know, I used to shoot indoor freestyle archery competitively, at similar ranges and similar target sizes. (thankfully, no rapid fire) If you are competitive and shooting against those who are also competitive, it all boils down to "You are either in the spot or you aren't. If you aren't in the spot, you lose." It might not be quite that bad with handguns, but I'd bet it would be pretty close.

I'm a pretty good shot, especially with the wheelgun, but I've got a LONG way to go to get to where I would consider myself to be competitive. I still got a WHOLE LOT of practicing to do on that account. I can keep the shots touching at 7 to 10 yards, two handed, with that sort of rapid fire. But keeping it in tight at 25 yards, 1 handed, 2 seconds per shot? That's a tall order!

Not to mention that I'd just about have to tie my other hand down just to keep me from "instinctively" going to a 2 handed grip. It is hard to "untrain" yourself.

Just the other day at the range this one gentleman asked me if I shot competitively, and I had to tell him that while I'm not all that bad, I'm still not good enough to be competitive. He seemed ... dazed.
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