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In this situation I would be glad my wife didn't have a gun because it would most likely get her killed. She would attempt to draw on a person who is 1) already pointing a gun at her and 2)probably a lot more experienced with a gun than the average house wife. If she was properly trained, which most women aren't, then she could possibly get a shot off if he wasn't looking.
Yeah, because obviously if your wife had gone to the trouble of purchasing a firearm for herself, she would never bother learning to shoot, or taking a class, or anything like that. She would never think about any of this stuff. Since most women are unarmed and stupid about guns, it's a good thing yours is too.

Did you really mean to say that?

(Me? I'd have been inside, and gotten ticked with my husband if he didn't drive away to protect the kid and call 911 while he was doing it. I wouldn't draw against a drawn gun; instead I'd act submissive, wait for the inevitable "in your face" intimidating gun-wave thing that 99% of videotaped convenience store robbers do, and take the idiot's gun away when he tried it on me. If I die, I'll die on my feet rather than my knees.)

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