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I would like to see TFL Forum stay just the way it is. I have been to other forums and they end up using a thread as if they were message texting with their neighbors and buddies or whatever. It's just too much social BS IMO.

This forum is strict and I think that is why it is a Great place to hang out. X or R rated post are of no interest to me. Once the off color language gets started I think it would spread like cancer into the other forums we now enjoy.

As for a general non-gun topic, I would go along with that idea, however I don't think it's really needed.

I find that it's nice to see a large variety of topics within each forum as long as they stay somewhat related to the main subject or topic.

I think the moderators do a great job in keeping TFL one of my favorites. Thanks to all....

This is just my 2 cents and I would like to hear what others think about it. No harm in asking...right?
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