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Well, I was just thinking that the issues discussed in a CC-specific forum would keep it nice and condensed to those laws, clothing, guns, gear that are specifically tailored to concealed carry of firearms. This way, one would not need to sort through laws about full auto, or modifications or such.

I understand the code of conduct, as well. I'm just saying, sometimes people who have no problem keeping it in line on the regular forum still might wish to have a place to blow off steam.

Also, other forums I have been to contain spaces for general discussion; this is where gun-folk could alert others to, say, a good movie, or an interesting website with funny stuff. Where on TFL would it be appropriate, say, to alert someone to a hilarious article on The Onion?

Anyway, I just thought something like that might be welcome, and make the site more versatile. There's no place to generally just socialize at this point -- at least, not without dragging a particular thread off topic.

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