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use the brain - not the gun...

There are many tricky situations...that ought to be figured out 'before' you pull out a gun... Example: A friend of mine was working at a juvenile facility and helped chaperone a field trip... Two of the teens were 'white females' and these girls decided to run off on a spree and have a little fun(think drugs and alcohol...) and my friend (a tall black man)one of the chaperones saw them take off...and he ran after them shouting for them to 'get back in the van'. The girls kept running...and the chaperone ran across a crosswalk to catch them...and the girls started crying 'He's trying to rape us! Help..' I surely hope that the ordinairy Joe Citizen with a gun...has sense enough to 'think'...before pulling out a 'gun'. I know of many many situations where what first meets the eye as a 'problem' turns out to be another problem with an unexpected twist. I know of a shooting in Atlanta about 15 years ago where an outraged husband shot two men who his wife pointed out as the 'men who raped her.' It turned out the woman didn't even know the men, had never met the men...and had not been raped...but was herself unstable...and had done somethings she thought would make her husband upset(not a bright man himself)and she made it all up - total fabrication. He took off after the men and shot them - killed one of them! Domestic Violence Situations are nasty and there are many people in prison for pulling out a gun in such situations - lots of ladies who wish now they had wised up and walked away or ran way .... rather than ended up in a courtroom parsing out the differences between murder,manslaughter and justifiable homicide...

Don't use a gun unless it's the last resort and it has to be used!
If it has to be used - use it well! I have actually interviewed women in prison who are there for 2nd and 3rd time for having used a firearm in separate domestic violence situations... Are they victims? Yes Is that a good excuse? No! Perps are often very clever! They will often portray themselves as 'the victim.' They will often exploit a situation so as to make someone else appear to be the Bad Guy. Sometimes both the 'victim' and the 'perp' - are both bad guys. Sometimes both the 'victim' and the 'perp' are otherwise goodguys - but are having a very Bad Day. Be very very careful before jumping into a 'situation'... with people you don't really know at all...

There are lots of folks in prison who are otherwise nice people...who made an impulsive mistake with a 'gun.' It cuts all different sorts of ways; there was a sex offender once arrested who had an MO of assaulting women in public restrooms; as he would leave...he'd shout out false statements that would tend to cause people to think that he and the victim knew each nobody would jump in and try to get involved... The bottom line is you have to keep your eyes open...because once you pull out a've just cranked it all up to the final notch! There's a very fine line between being a hero with a gun...and being a fool with a gun.
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