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What duty do you as an average citizen owe to other average citizens that have not taken the time, interest or effort to protect themselves as you have? That is the question.
Yes, I do feel that I owe another. Life does not revolve around me, I am not the center of the universe, my life really means nothing in the great picture.

And on the hospital bed, I will not blame the person that I've helped, I will blame the likes of the brady bunch and others like them that were allowed to spread the lies to put them in the place that they were in, unarmed.

I will put blame where blame is due, not on the person, who was brainwashed by the media, the brady bunch, and the government, that ensured them that they shouldn't have the most powerful tool that they can, or just lived in places that banned such tools.

I don't know if it's my protective nature, or how I grew up, or what is my guide. All I know, is what I do when something happens. Yet, many have said that I'm the biggest butthole out there, that would give his shirt off his back for someone in need.

My nose has been broken, I support a grin minus a couple of teeth, and my left hand has such severe nerve damage that it does funny things every now and then, and when it does, it hurts, it hurts bad.

Yet with the restricted flow in my nose, the absense of a couple of teeth, and my hand doing things that even I sit and watch as it does so, I have no regrets to how I came about these injuries.

As my Great-Great Mother would have said, "Grand Son, be proud of your scars, for they were born of battle".

She was full bloodied Blackfoot.

I don't expect others to understand, different cultures, different values/morales, different people.

I did take offense at Glenn and his post, I don't know him and wouldn't second guess what he has to offer, I expected the same of him. I don't know him, he doesn't know me or any of the others, so I took offense to his post.

Yet something that we have to understand on the board, and in life, is the fact that we are of different cultures, different systems of how we chose to run our lives.

Me, I know what I would do. And many will state that it's stupid to do so. I even have a hard time killing things that aren't human (mice, bugs, spiders, etc..) until they become a threat, and then I have no problem what so ever.

The only thing that keeps us from policing our own and getting involved is the fear of the laws that some take as the bible and will carry them out no matter what.

We don't have the guts to help others from the fear that we maybe jailed just from protecting ourselves, our family, or our fellow human being. We hesitate and then the answer comes to most, to just call 911 and walk away. Not their problem, not their fight.

Yet, I can't pass judgement on those that will just do so, or even just turn their head and walk/drive away. That's what they were told to do, trained to do, expected to do. How can we honestly put any blame upon them in this day and age. Today, that is what is expected, nothing more, nothing less.

And a sad day this is. When we decide who's life is more important. We have things to do and family, they had things to do, and family. As we have dreams, so did they. As we have family, so did they.

I don't advocate throwing your life away, but if there is a chance, then one should take it.

I don't expect anyone to understand or really care about my choices or what I've posted. It's not what you have decided to do. It's just the way I feel about the question asked, and I hold nothing against those that disagree with me.

Truly yours,

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