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What duty do you as an average citizen owe to other average citizens that have not taken the time, interest or effort to protect themselves as you have? That is the question...
No one has a "duty" to do anything really. Myself, I'm only bound to walk the fine line 48 hours a week. I choose to make my training available to anyone the other 120 hours when it's not my job to do so. Both from a Firefighter/EMT standpoint and an average everyday guy who happens to have a CCW and a handgun on his belt. I'm trained in both and I practice in both every week so that I am ready to go when/if the need and time arises. That's just my own personality and thought-process. I like to think of myself as an average Joe Citizen but I'm not. No more so than any other person here who's job it is or may have been to put their family second for a certain period of time in order to protect those who cannot or will not protect themselves or their families.

Most people are going to make their own decisions based on their own personal beliefs, morals, knowledge, and past experiences. Some will step up to the plate and some won't...

I can certainly understand your point of view Butch and I think you have made some very good points and discussion here. Your posts have stimulated some very frank discussion and I applaud you for your time and thoughts here.

I'm not opening a can of worms here, but, who's to say that the person in need of your help is one who has not decided to protect themselves? It's more than possible that the victim in question may just have missed the signs and has not had the opportunity to get his protection, in whatever form that may be, into play in a reasonable amount of time in order to stop the process?

Just a thought that I have not seen toucvhed on here in this thread...
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