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Originally Posted by tanksoldier
Scenario #2: His not having a gun is irrelevant. Anyone with a knife within 7 yards of a potential victim is a deadly threat. It is also possible for an unarmed suspect to present a deadly threat. You don't have to get in a fistfight with someone just because they are unarmed. In this scenario if the suspect was merely using his size and strength to beat the woman into submition, and you drew your weapon and ordered him to the ground, but instead he continued to advance on you... you would be justified in shooting him before he achieved physical contact even though he is unarmed. You could shoot before he closed to within 7 yards if he had a knife.
Hence my previous statement:

Originally Posted by stratus
[in this scenario]I've already made a committment to stop this woman from being raped (and probably murdered), and to that end, this guy is going down. The decision to fire would have been made before the gun was drawn. I just don't think I could risk having further harm come to the victim because I hesitated or thought I could talk the guy down.
As for scenario 1, I maintain that it depends on the stakes involved and the potential for escalation.
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