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Lifeguard Training

Tank Soldier, Thanks for an interesting discussion and being consistent in your points. I had the Red Cross lifesaving training and worked summer jobs in college, long ago, as a lifeguard. Rescued a few while doing it, too. But as you point out, a great deal of the training was directed at controlling the potential drowning victim, so that you didn't drown, too. The bottom line of the training, all those years ago, was that if you got to one you couldn't control, get the heck out of there and let them drown.

There is a difference, for most people, between being a civilian and being a professional soldier or law enforcement officer or EMT. A civilian gets to pick their battles. If the situation is unclear or the odds are too bad, now that I'm a civilian, I can walk away. The professionals and especially the military professionals don't have it so easy. God bless them.

(By the way, the movie allusion from "Unforgiven" in my last post, "he should have armed himself," was highly relevant. I was talking about not saving an unarmed Democrat. That saloon in the movie was full of "Democrats," disarmed by Gene Hackman's gun-grabbing sheriff character and trusting him to take care of them.)
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