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Understand this is from yours truly whom does not own a pair of cargo pants, no camo gear, never done a ninja roll ( I fall real good tho') and been known to take deer and doves wearing a blue sport coat, oxford shirt, tie, kahkis, cordovan penny loafers...

It is the intent of the person holding a tool - not the tool itself.

Be it a gun, a match, or a putter...

I can pull a RoadRunner [ *beep beep*] like I did recently. In this case the gun was in fact pointed at me, so I surmised rather quickly he was not just brandishing.

I can also NOT get out of sorts when the customer's coat gets caught in the wind, the soccer mom is 'trying' to get junior in or out of the blasted car seat and soccer player kid pulls mom's cover garment back to get money, the ladies purse is knocked over on the counter and her purse gun is viewed...and I know the sound of "whack" of a gun butt hitting a wooden bench seat in the store when the sales rep takes a seat.

I have even been happy to see UC LEO brandish theirs ( lady or male) in the store when something was up. Me...I was behind the one way glass with the shotgun on the phone asking for more Calvary to hurry up...I was giving play by play and being a good observer , reporter and announcer.
Kinda hugging the wall and where the wall had been enforced with stuff to hopefully stop incoming lead...

I'd just as soon everyone carried all the time, no permission papers. I prefer concealed, element of surprise, still does not bother me one whit if folks want to open carry.

To me, level the playing field if you please. Besides the BGs don't have permits, don't care whom sees or does not them carrying. I figure the more BGs suspect law-abiding are carrying...less chance of the BGs doing harm to folks. If not, well there is natural order of stuff that happens - maybe less good folks and more bad folks if the field is leveled.

Like I said - intent of the user with whatever tool is in hand.

I used to use a putter and putt golf balls in the front of the store. It was a putter. Now if'n per chance that punk had decided to pull a stupid that day, I could have used that putter for something else now couldn't I? My intent would have been different.

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