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Interesting thread..and I must admit, that I am torn on the subject.

The belief that, yes we are morally obligated to help those in trouble, has has been used as the justification for many (if not all) the conflicts that the government has involved us in. We gotta help these people or those people.

On a personal level I couldn't stand by and let harm happen to another person without trying to stop it.

But what is true on a personal level isn't not true on a national level. I don't believe that because the poor widdle Kuwaiti's were getting picked on by the big bad Iraqi's that we, as a nation, had any obligation to help them

I understand that this is because of my belief that just because we feel morally obligated to a cause, we have no right to force others to fight, die, or otherwise support that cause.

I guess I strayed a bit from the topic..but it, like so many others, have ramifications far beyond just us.
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