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I have read through most of this thread, and some of it is disturbing, and some good. For me. I'm no hero. Never will be, never have been. But that would not stop me from putting my life on the line for someone.

What if firefighters, policemen, rescue workers, ect. all felt the same way as some and let people die?

I guess it is in part how you were raised, and what is in your heart. It has nothing to do with machoism, or heroism, or chest thumping, ect. It has to do with the RIGHT THING TO DO, morally, ethically, and to remain civilized human beings.

It is not in my mind to stop to think about danger to self when someone is dying right in front of me. You pray to God almighty to preserve them and you, and you do what needs to be done to help. I could not live with myself knowing I could have at least TRIED to help but did nothing. I would be a discrace.

Half of what is wrong with society today is that people have no moral fiber. They have no sense of honor, no sense of duty, and no compassion for their fellow man.

Can any of you honestly tell me that if you were driving along one night, and saw a car crash, that you would not stop to see if you could help? If there was no one there but YOU, and time was of the essense? You could hear people screaming for help, maybe children, and saw that the car may catch fire soon? Could you make a call and drive away? Ignoring their screams and cries for help? Or would you do everything in your power to get those people out of that car, no matter the consequences?

Your answer will seperate the humans, from those who don't deserve to even be breathing the same air.....what if it was your family? I pray to God some stranger in the same situation would help me or mine.....
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