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Glenn E. Meyer
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Leadcounsel - it's your baby and Darwin as far as I'm concerned.

Tactically move all you want.

If I were in that situation, I would want my spouse to save the baby and leave me to my own devices. If I found out that my spouse left the baby to 'tactically' save me with ninja skills - I would think said spouse was an idiot as the spouse increase the probability of the baby getting hurt and/or being an orphan.

There are only doctrines that make sense as to the best final outcome. Leaving no women behind - blah, blah - tough guy bullcrap. You do what you need to do for the best outcome.

Oh, far enough away to observe but be out of danger from gunfire. That's tactically sound, if you are in visual view of the store, you are in risk of a round. Hey, wrap the baby in your vest.
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