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So taking cover and shooting both BG's in the eye is not a feasible solution? What about taking off in your car, squalling the tires, and shooting out of the window?
Not with my kid in the line of fire. My wife would also be in there, opening fire is a great way of getting her shot.

A couple scenarios could occur:

1)You shoot the one in the car, his buddy gets freaked out he pops your wife and the cashier, grabs what money he can and runs out the back door. Cops never find him.

2) You shoot at the guy in the car, glass changes the flightpath of the bullet and you miss. He pulls up a shotty and rakes your car with your kid in it, with buckshot, possibly killing your kid.

3) You pop the driver, his partner happens to be deaf and has no idea what happened and you put one through his head.

4) You pop the driver, the scout they have inside sees it, pops your wife and he and the original guy kill everyone. You just got 7 people not including yourself killed.

5) They post on TFL and are more tactically minded then you. There is a sniper on top of the Baskin Robbins across the street 75 yards away. Easy shot. You ninja roll out of the car then your brains get sprayed onto your left rear fender. Your kid is now an orphan.

6) Their gun is empty, he gets 237.51 from the register and a carton of smokes, they drive off. Your wife gets back in the car kisses your baby and on the way home you see the cops pull the guys over and arrest them.

7) The gun is loaded, they want money not a blood bath. Everyone plays it cool and you get to take your wife home sans body bag. That night she turns on some Barry White and thanks you for not getting her killed. 9 months later you have two toddlers to worry about and shes still walkin' funny.
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