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If someone gave me a mini-van when I had no car, damn right I'd drive it with pride! I'd just make some minor personality adjustments to the vehicle, which Spiff surely has done. My first car was a '76 green Chevy Nova, which was probably cool in the seventies but was almost dead when I got it in 1987. Still, I added my style and drove it with pride right until the day it died.

As for the brandishing, I don't think any intent can be proven just by showing off the gun wtill in the belt/holster. It seems like he was 'showing off', IMO, at least judging by the reaction of the woman.

However, I have also had someone pull up their shirt to show me a weapon while I was pursuing a companion of theirs for a security job I had. I was about 25 feet from the person, I was unarmed (by company policy), and it was in a parking lot, so there was plenty of cover. He never pulled the weapon, as I stopped pursuit, backed off, and called LE. I went home that day and thought about what I would do if I had been armed, and decided the best course of action would have been the one I'd taken. Get distance and take down the information from the scene to give LE. The suspects never got caught, probably because it was in the city and there are more pressing matters to handle.

So, as a long way to answer an easy question, I would back away and call LE for a brandishing.
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