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Tales of the Ninja: Brandishing of a weapon?

if someone brandishes at you, or you see them brandish at someone else, what do you do?

last week i was going to the store, at a stop light on a one-way street, blocked in by traffic. i'm in the 2nd lane from the left, and along the furthest left lane is a young guy trying to get the attention of the driver on my left. she is fixated directly in front of her, not looking at this young dude at all. i see him pull his shirt up, and she still doesnt bat an eye.
her head is in the way so i cant see what hes showing her. he gives up, flashes a thumbs up at her, and walks away. i didnt think much of it at the time, though i did mull over what i might have done if i did see a weapon tucked in his pants. couldnt come up with any ideas that comforted me so i forgot about it.

so i'm reading in a local paper today selections from the police blotter. and apparently what i couldnt see was that the young dude did indeed brandish. someone else called the police to report it apparently (hey now that i have a cell phone i can be that guy calling in these kinds of things!).

what other options does a person have to calling 911? do you draw down on the person? technically, brandishing is the "Threat of assault with a deadly weapon".

do you consider brandishing as much of a threat as having the gun pointed at you?

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