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I think most people have had this experiance or knows someone who has. With me it was on my moms side when my grandparents were dying, they died within a couple of weeks of each other, I had a unlce and a cousin, the son of a different uncle, who were causing problems. The uncle was just a jerk but the cousin is a real pice of s### who has stolen quite abit of money from my grandparents over the years which does not include the money that he would borrow and just not pay back it is in the tens of thousands of dollars. My grandparents would just keep giving him money.

Now when they both got sick I think it really scared my cousin because he saw his money source drying up so he started making threats like if he did not get everthing grandma and grandpa had people would be sorry because it all belonged to him. When grandpa died first and my cousin realized that all the inheritance was going to be equally split between their children and the grandkids were not getting anything, he really went nuts. He threatend to kill my mom and dad and all of their kids and their familys and his dad because they were in charge of the will. However my father spent nearly 30 years as a LEO before he retired and 10 years after in various LEO capacities so we had the local sheriff 10 deputies and 3 Highway patrolmen all at the funeral and when my cousin showed up,not armed, he was promply arrested and held for over 48 hours. It is my understanding that he was quitely informed as to what would happen to him if he ever threatend a LEO family again this part comes from another family member who spoke with my cousin afterward and said that the cops really scared the blank out of him.

Now while all this was going on my mom would get upset if anybody started talking bad about her brother or nephew she would not defend them just get upset if we said bad things about them. To this day still she would like to work things out with them. My dad explained it to me this way Your mom still rembers playing with her brothers as alittle girl growing up with them on a farm when they all were best friends, she rembers her little brother holding a brand new baby that he was so proud of and seeing your cousin grow up, its hard for her too seperate that from today. While its easy for you to realize that they are nothing but trash because thats what they have been your whole life.

So Spacemanspiff it is probably hard for your mom to realize how bad her sister might be because she still looks at her through colored glasses of yester years while all you see is your mom's nut case sister.
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