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Does she regard it as "her nature" then to be wilfully and voluntarily at the mercy of anyone who does consider it "their nature" to arm themselves?
actually, in a way, she does. i'm trying to think back to when she was responsible for all three of us kids, and i dont think theres ever been a point where she had to be a protector of us. if anything she shielded us from the right things.

so the obvious question is 'Why?'
well the answers kind of complicated, so bear with me.
i was raised in a home with strict rules and just about anything fun was forbidden. my mothers conscience moved her to try and instill in her kids that anything that didnt glorify [insert higher power's name of your choice here] was abhorrant. many of the people she associated with in church advocated 'non-violent reactions', the whole 'turn your other cheek' philosophy.
over the years i've came to the conclusion that if one decides to be a martyr it should be for the right reasons. johnny crackhead looking to split my skull so he can get my cash is not the right reason for me to be a martyr.
my mother isnt physically strong. if she was attacked by anyone it would be only by pure luck that she might fight them off. in a way i dont worry much about her getting accosted by a stranger. i do think she has at least one guardian angel on full time duty making sure she doesnt get in a car accident (shes the worlds worst driver EVER) and that angel probably makes sure badguys dont approach her.

because of her beliefs, i dont think that the possibility of death scares her much. she is convinced she knows what happens to a soul at death and it doesnt frighten her. but thats really the kind of thing that can only be proven when you are staring death in the face, right? i think i'll not fear death either, but who knows? i might be soiling my pants begging for my life when that day comes.

so obviously it distressed my mother when i got interested in guns. at first it was a hobby, just to go to the range every now and then, and i wasnt interested in carrying.
then when i did start carrying, she agreed that it did make sense to be prepared for the worst.
she has even gotten used to my carrying openly. and this last week she made the milestone step of asking me to be her armed protector.
and this morning when i left her home, she got to see the big evil ninja-ed AR in all its glory, and she was okay with that being on hand to protect her home.

what did make me happy was that she didnt give me a chance to gift her a surefire, she said 'you have more than one of those, right?'
'yeah mom, here keep this with you at all times, and remember i'm just a phone call away if you need anything.'
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