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she'll call the police at the first sign of trouble. she'll never arm herself, thats not part of her nature. she is interested in the surefire flashlight as a distraction device, though. good thing i have two, she can have one.
Does she regard it as "her nature" then to be wilfully and voluntarily at the mercy of anyone who does consider it "their nature" to arm themselves?

That is, after all, what she's doing. She's consigning herself to having less power over her future than anyone who might confront her with superior strength, or a weapon.

I hope you can get her to reconsider. But then if she doesn't value her own life that much...

It's a subject I wonder about. Take average Woman A. She hates guns, won't have anything to do with them. Won't even consider the idea of shooting someone to prevent herself being raped, or even murdered. (It's a mindset I can't even begin to relate to, caring so much about a rapist's life that I would prefer my own to be ended at his hands...!)

Put a kid into the picture. She now has a two-year-old daughter in a carseat in the car with her wherever she goes. Ask her about how she feels about not using a gun to defend against a carjacker/kidnaper now. Maybe she feels more like she should take responsibility for having some power to direct events when someone threatens. If she doesn't, I think she's a pitiful parent. Any parent of a helpless child, who does not ensure that he/she can fend off attack for the sake of that child's safety is pitiful, in my book. Should not be in charge of caring for, much less teaching, that child.

Sorry to digress.

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