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Need help/advice at the range

Im new to the sport of shooting, and have only been to the range twice, where I shot a Glock Model 23 .40 Caliber. Ive put 100 rounds through it each time (200 total) 50 rounds at each target (4 total) My first time I did decent for a first timer, but my second time I did worse. Lets say that you need a 200 to pass when I qualify with my work, and the first time I think I scored maybe 180 on one target, and 170 on the other, and the second time I went I got around 140 on both.

Can anyone give me any pointers? Ive never had any instruction, aside from the guy basically telling me how to use the gun and how I generally want to aim it so I dont shoot myself or anyone else. I recieved a hint from someone else though, that I was closing the wrong eye when I shoot. Most of my shots were in the bottom left hand corner of the target, with maybe 5 or 6 in the red, and only about 30-35 or so out of 50 hit the target. He told me how to test this, and told me to point at an object with my finger, and close my left eye like im supposed to. He asked me where I was pointing, and I said I was pointing at the object still. I then closed my right eye like he asked me to, how ive been shooting all along, and I was pointing to the right of the object. I figured the reason that im shooting to the left on the target, is because Im closing my right eye, which makes it look like im actually pointing to the right of the object. Get what im saying?

Also, im pretty sure the the way I pull the trigger has a lot to do with it too. I was told to pull it on the first joint of my pointer finger (the one closest to the tip of the finger) Is this correct?

Any other tips or suggestions I can get would be great, as I am qualifying with my work in a week and a half, and I want to make sure ill pass. The instructor is a really great guy ive been told, and ive heard of people that have never fired a gun in their life going there and passing with no problems. Someone thats been through the class described him as "a badass I wouldnt want to f*ck with"
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