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I owned a small retail store in a small quiet mall at one time. I had a new girl working and she was not the brightest bulb in the box but a good worker. I had a LE buddy go into the store and act like he was just looking around. He pocketed a few items and took them to his car. Then went back again and made a bigger scene and took more items. She told him to have a "nice day" when he left..both times within 30 minutes! I could have lost the whole store! He brought everything back in and asked if he could return it. She did ask for a reciept but thats about all she did. I then came in and we unloaded everything on the counter and told her what we did. She was upset that we would do such a thing. She was more surprised when I gave her walking papers. Anyway, we did this again with all the help. He wore his gun in plain sight at times and no one said a thing about it or acted like they saw it. Some employees really did keep watch for shoplifters, but after this... they really watched alot more. It was worth doing this just to train them on shoplifting. Young part time help, they worked hard but not much in the observation department. If they had noticed the gun, they would have freaked out. No one saw it.
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