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I would have thought the stock from Rem. would already have the swivel studs attached?? If not, you do need to be somewhat careful in doing so for you will find that the butt sections is hollow and only filled with some sort of structural foam, etc. The wall thickness is fairly thin and can sling stud can pull out. Once you locate and drill the hole for the stud, suggest you inject a fair amount of bedding compound such a Accr Glass, Devcon, Marine Tex, etc. and also on the stud itself and let that "set up" for a least a day or so. The compound will impart some additional strength to the area where the stud goes, and keep it there. Position the stock where the compound while still semi-fluid will settle down around the stud screw portion inside the stock. The forend can be done the same way, but I prefer to drill clear through the barrel channel and inlet a section for a nut and then use the compound to secure. Be advised;however, that once you do this, removal of the studs is probably not an option in the future!! It is there to stay. Should have mentioned that you will have to remove after drying any compound which is above the bottom of the barrel channel or will impact on barrel, once you torque the action down. Not a big job. Good Luck
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