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Maybe this will shut you up.

Here's a few exerts from that thread from people who actually know what they are talking about.

"Not to be insensitive, but the victim, initiating contact with the suspects, escelated this situation to a violent level.
The suspects could even go so far as to say that the shooting was a matter of self defense.
A CCW is designed to afford us a last chance effort of self defense.
A CCW does not give anyone the right to play "COP" or "VIGILANTE".
I do not mean to be so harsh, but situations such as this one could one day cost everyone the privilege of a CCW."

"2) Like my CCW instructor {A Virginia LEO} said: "Let the cops take care of the big picture." If I see guys jacking a car I will arm myself and dial 911."

"3) By confronting property thieves with his defense weapon CCW guy just escalated a non-violent theft into an armed confrontation. What if the CCW guy had shot and killed the thieves? I expect he would be looking at charges and prison time. "

And those are just quotes from the first page. Owned.
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