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TSAVO, a little history of your comments shall we?

You realize that you aren't allowed to use deadly force to protect property don't you?
That was your very first post. And your question. And you happen to be WRONG. You didn't state wether or not it was worth it, just that you couldn't do it.

Are you ****ing blind? There are numerous people in this thread claiming you can use deadly force to protect property and nothing more.
The fact is you CAN in some instances. WRONG AGAIN. (and rude)

It's not very hard. It's either a yes or a no. Can you use deadly force to protect a simple piece of property.
Your next question. Again with no mention of if its WORTH it or not. (Which I answered)

I've been saying during the length of this entire thread that you can't use deadly force to protect property, and 90% of the people in here disgareed with me.
Thats because your WRONG again. Must this go on? Yes it must....

And my response to that, like it has been before in this thread, is that it's really stupid to risk going to prison based on a law that says "sometimes". That's pretty vague to me, and again-which I already said-it's not worth risking that for a piece of property.
Ah! Finally we get to the RISK! The COST! Is it worth it! But that was NOT the question I was answering as stated in message #84.

You really must be mentally handicapped.
Actually, I happen to be a disabled veteran. But mentally? No. It seems the only mental problem here is your ability to keep your facts straight, though you backpedal very well.
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