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our guns are but one option in our quest to defend ourselves. in some cases they can be the only option,
spiff, we always have our brains, which are more useful than any gun.

Something unmentioned, and yes, I know this involves going hypothetical, but here goes. If you end up shooting them in the back, a possible reasong (which may help in court, or wherever) is that it appeared they were about to head towards your children's room. True or not, $5 says that it makes doing a backshot legit. (And who knows, they may very well have been heading that way. Just pointing out a variable which cannot be set in stone in said scenario.)

Someone mentioned having your own kids forced to testify against you because they heard the BG begging, surrendering or whatever. If I start shooting, I don't see myself stopping until the magazine is empty. I doubt a kid is going to hear talking over that. 13 .40 rounds, quick reload, run to family. Sounds like a good defense to me.

Side note, that peeing pic was funny.
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