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I tend to respect your opinion on many things, but this is certainly not one of them.

1. BG's unlikely to live to testify.
2. Unlikely to sue or file suit from prison with no money and no lure of money from lawsuit victory. Why? CIVIL IMMUNITY OF HOMEOWNER. Lawyers, even scumbags, don't work for free.
3. Likely to get dismissed at the early stages due to immunity and self defense
4. if not dismissed on SJ, likely to get a directed verdict at trial;
5. In the unlikely event that it ever sees a courtroom, I ask is any reasonable jury going to believe a scumbag BG serving hard time for B&E and illegal gun possession, or a homeowner defending his family to the lawful maximum allowed by law? BG can say all day long that he was running scared, forensics will disagree and so will I, the upstanding citizen defending his castle. I suspect that means alot to jurors.

heard him coming and figured Id better leave, I heard him say he had a gun, I screamed I give up and tried to run away and thats when he started laughing hysterically and shooting us in the back...
And when I give my version, who is the jury to believe? Homeowner or BG serving hard time?
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