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OK Hornbook law:

1. A civil action is commenced by filing a summons and complaint alleged that lead counsel (hereinafter reffered to as LC) intentionally, recklessly and negligently without justification caused the death of burglars by shooting them in the back.

2. Because it alleges intentional conduct, LCs insurance comapny disclaims, thereby casuing LC to hire atty ($5,000 retainer)

3. LC moves to dissmiss complaint for failure to state a cause of action. Automatically denied. All allegations in the compl,aint are for that motion treated as true LC answers complaint, alleges he has the protection of statute. LC gets his legal bill, pays another $5,000

4. LC moves for summary jusdgement, alleging immunity under the statute and that as a matter of law, there are NO TRIABLE ISSUES of fact. Plaintiff alleges discovery is necessary to rule on the motion. Court adjourns motion. Discovery begins. LC forks over another $5,000

5. At discovery both Plaintiff and insurance company gang up on LC...plaintiff wants to show he was negligent so as to trigger coverage, insurance company wants to show intent so as to disclaim coverage. Although LC testifies to facts to bring him under the statute, the cross examination casts some doubts. LC forks over another $5,000 for layers.

6. Motion for summary judgement renewed. Its LCs story against the forensic evidence. Court rules a triable issue of fact under the law,\. LC forks over another $5, 000 plus a trial retainer of $25,000

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