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I didnt read all of the responses but heres my meager contribution.

If possible I would wait for the BG,s to go into the room they are headed into, then sneak up the stairs in my socks as quietly as possible. There I would silently gather up my family into the pre-ordained room, where my wife would call the authorities on the cell phone that LIVES in that room, while I cover the entrance with the Mossy. Maybe thats not Navy Seal enough, but Im gonna play the percentages when my families involved.

Maybe, nobody has to get shot. Not until they breach the family room, then its all 12 ga. and 9mm's(my wife's glock)

I think I read one response where someone immediately questioned the intent of the intruders based on thier armed condition. I agree. If someone comes in my house armed, they advance immediately from burgaler to assasin in my mind, weather or not thats what there doing.

Gotta go read the rest now!
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