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I know the feeling..

I had a similar situation happen at my apartment complex a few months ago except I was police taped INTO my apartment. I had my stereo cranked and was getting ready to go run at about 9pm, but when I opened my front door I realized that my entire apartment was covered in police tape. I proceded to get yelled at by 2 different LEO's for being inside of the crime scene. Neither bothered to tell me that there was a murder or why they were so paraniod. The first LEO told me to go back into my apartment and wait until they told me it was okay to leave and the second LEO told me to get outside the police tape. I started to walk and then they both freaked out... I guess I was walking towards the body. The shooting was done by in my complex despite neither of the shooters or the victim were residents. They just choose my complex because it was nice and not heavily patrolled for a drug deal. I later found out that the entire complex was outside looking from behind the tape to see what was going on while the two shooters were around the complex somewhere and eventually escaped. So, having a nice community doesn't make a difference. I doubt that people are going to conduct illegal activities in a place that is heavily patrolled.
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