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Thanks for your excellent input. You should understand:
1) My belief has always been that the moment the attacker discarded his knife, he ceased to be an immediate danger and, while I could continue to protect innocents, I certainly could not use lethal force to do so, unless he again posed a grave and imminent danger;
2) For your edification, retired regular commissioned officers are not “former anything”; rather, they remain on the retired list of their respective service, are subject to recall, and remain constrained by the UCMJ, even if they have not worn a uniform in decades. I’m not trying to “pick nits” with you here – as I mentioned earlier, I appreciated your post and believed it was excellent – but I thought you might want to learn the facts of this matter. Obviously, this differs significantly from other government retirees and may be more similar to the status of retired clergy, who remain ordained, however are not actively engaged in routine, habitual church business.
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