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...So when they get robbed they get angry at the police for not dusting everything under the sun trying to get a fingerprint....
Boy, ain't it the truth, Jack! I learned to lift the prints anyway, even when they were obviously so smeared they were useless. Saved me a lot of "they didn't do a *$%# thing!" Mind you, I'm talking minor cases here: Vandalism, petit theft, etc., where you know the case will most likely go nowhere. For serious stuff, we call out det., ID, and sometimes BCI. Still, with time, the databases are getting better, and more times than not, the actor will be a repeat offender with prints on file. As I said earlier, the real problem is the juveniles. It isn't legal to keep juvi prints or pics on file, and one hell of a lot of the major crimes in this country are committed by juveniles.
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