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What to do in THIS HD scenario?

I think this is a very realistic scenario, so help me decide what the best decision is:

You live in a typical wood framed urban area; possibly a condo, townhouse, apartment, or close together free standing homes.

It's late at night and you are in your home. You're startled to see two burglars on the other side of your house crossing from one room to the next. In the two seconds you see them, they don't see you. You are absolutely sure that they are burglars and you remember that you left a door open (for whatever accidental reason) and they gained access through the open door. Both men are wearing all black, ski masks, and gloves and are carrying firearms. You see them for about two seconds as they pass across a hallway 30' away behind an opening. If you have a family, they are asleep upstairs. The badguys are between you and the exit, and the badguys are also between you and your family asleep upstairs. Luckily you have a handgun with one magazine of ammunition, but no phone closeby (or the line is cut) and nothing else on your person.

What do you do?
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