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Are you ****ing blind? There are numerous people in this thread claiming you can use deadly force to protect property and nothing more.
Such language. Careful tsavo....your intelligence (or lack of) is showing...

It's not very hard. It's either a yes or a no. Can you use deadly force to protect a simple piece of property. Plenty of people have said yes so maybe you're the one who should be reading posts again.
Actually it is quite complicated, and that seems to be what is confusing you so much. It is NOT a cut and dry, yes or no answer. There are pesky little things called CIRCUMSTANCES that will determine wether or not you can or will be justified in using deadly force to protect property.

But to answer a SIMPLE question SIMPLY....YES you CAN use deadly force to protect property anytime you want. * IF * you don't mind facing the legal consequences and quite probably rotting in jail for the rest of your life. But with this, like in all things....its your life....and your choice....and your butt....

And lastly, this is supposed to be an intelligent, civil discussion. If you are incapable of the first, at least make an attempt to comply with the second.
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