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Originally Posted by tsavo
It's either a yes or a no.
No it's not. It's absolutely not "either a yes or a no".

Sometimes you can, most of the time you can't. The fact that you have failed to realize this is further proof that you either aren't reading or aren't comprehending the vast majority of what has been posted on this thread.
Originally Posted by tsavo
There are numerous people in this thread claiming you can use deadly force to protect property and nothing more.
Actually, I don't see a single person making such a claim without qualifying it. I've said it so many times that it's almost not worth repeating, but I'll try again. I think you're either not reading or not comprehending most of what's being posted here. I'll tell you what. Just so we know who you're talking about, why don't you quote some of the people who are making these alleged claims and list their names.
Originally Posted by tsavo
Can you use deadly force to protect a simple piece of property.
In certain cases you can. In other cases you may not. That's been said over and over now, and I even posted the entire text of the law of my state so it would be perfectly clear.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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