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As the owner of a .357 snub, I can tell you it aint a lot of fun to shoot. Hand held rocket launcher comes to mind. To shoot this caliber you need a gun with some heft to it. You can do it, it's just not fun. I can also tell you that a 38spl revolver will shoot 38spl ammunition better and more accurately than a .357 can. The travel distance from the chamber to the barrel is less. Of course it depends on the gun, but that's what I've seen. So if you can get a deal on a 38, don't overlook it because you think it's a sissy gun.
Why don't you go to range, or with a friend, and shoot some .357 and some 38 and see what you prefer. For me, shooting the 38+p is routine shooting. Shooting .357 is an "event". Being comforable with ones chosen caliber is very important. I'm sure most here would agree.
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