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The first video is kinda scary until you really LOOK at it. There's almost no indication of the bullet impact on the vest when the guy is wearing is. Unlike when they were shooting at it on the "stand". Yeah, the little paper "target" tag flutters off, but it looks more like the round only used the primer to push the bullet instead of a full powder charge.

The second video is obviously a fake. After the FIRST shot the dust from the impact with the ground is clearly seen low and to the left almost immediately afterwards. In the second shot, the "idiot" holding up the target waits almost 4 seconds to "fall down". No dust impact anywhere on his body/clothes to indicate a hit. The "fall" is obviously fake drama too.

As for the .357 clip - all I can say is that these 2 guys are REALLY stupid but the "risk" would be less than you'd think. The distance was fairly close (looks to be about 15-20 feet), the aim point was dead level with the shooters stance and the gun powerful enough to carry a flat trajectory without shooting low. Still a pretty stupid thing to do though.
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