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My favorite 3

Ruger SP101 (custom rosewood grip) spurless .38 w. cheap bought-in-bulk wadcutters

Beretta Tomcat .32 Win.Silvertips (the best 'subcompact' semiauto imho) I just bought and love(it's not a concealed 'city-gun' but one that's nice tucked away when your waaaay out in the woods...and have a thought about defense in regard to the 4-legged sort of problems - My Super Redhawk Alaskan .454 Casull/ 45 Colt... 'snubbie'.

Logic: The .38 is very very unglamorous and practical. In a self-defense situation...there's the factor of 'noise' and 'recovery-time' to get off that 2nd shot.. The .38 is still noisy but not as noisy(thunderous) as some others...
The wadcutters are cheap and it's easy to do a lot of practice w.'em...

The .32 is very very very concealable...and very easy to shoot ie. a quick 3 shot spray from a .32 at close range...ought to be 'more than enough'.

The .454/45 (I prefer shooting it in .45 but in the great outdoors the 454 gets loaded; ) is a comforting ever been out in the woods and hear a nasty pack of wild dogs growling? Whew...nice to know the ol' 454/45 is there... Ever been out fly fishing and notice the grizzly cub is waaaay over there...and the grizzly waaay over on the other side and very angry about your location?(I have never been in that situation...But I'd need a .454 - not a .32 or .38 ; )
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